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Race day!

I had a running joke during race weekend: "Do you have your key?" The initial key I got didn't work. I got a replacement key on the way to the expo, but lost it while I was out and about with Darrel. So I got a third key which I left in the room during the Inspiration dinner. Luckily I was able to walk back to the room with my roomie and get back in.

Alarm goes off at 0330 and I peel my eyes open to see Barb up and about already. I totally didn't hear her get up or even hear her in the shower. I get dressed and we head down to the lobby for our team meeting. I drop my camera and very nearly break it. The view screen stays white and blank for a few days. We go downstairs to wait a LONG ASS TIME for the shuttle to take up to the start line.
We arrive at the start line and I shepherd Martin and Tammie through the porta-potty lines and up to the UPS gear check. I do better when I'm taking care of others.
The official race starts at 0615, but I don't cross the start line until almost an hour later because of the mass of humanity in front of me.

I start with a fast pace. The first four miles were at an 18ish minute mile. I had Tammie with me until shortly after we crossed the start line, then she picked up her pace. I caught up with Barbara around mile 1.5, then set my goal to catch up with the next set of teammates. My first pit stop was behind the second band, a bunch of brass playing sailors.
Then we looped into Balboa Park, and I caught up with a pair of girls from the Minnesota chapter of TNT. I walked with them for about a mile. We had a mental prank pulled on us shortly after mile 3 when we ran into another marker that said Initially all we saw was the 5 and went  . . ."but we just passed 3m not that long ago." I must say that the museum complex in Balboa Park has gorgeous architecture.
I get to say HI to Coach Colleen and Rachel around mile 4 right before we get on the 163 freeway,
Second pit stop was at mile 5. I waited in line with the 5 hour pace group for the full marathon. Sean texted me between miles 5 and 6. Then GP texted between miles 7 and 8. I did not like the miles that we were on the 163 freeway. It was hot, and sunny and there was no wind.
Teresa, the honoree who trained with us, was at an off ramp to cheer us on. I had to refill my camelback at the Rainbow music/ water stop. I met a lady from Monterrey area who was in a car accident 8 months ago. I had my third pit stop by the Taiko drum demonstration.
The breeze picked up the minute we got on surface streets and, boy did it raise my spirits. I'm pretty sure my pace picked up again once we had a breeze. I know I was throwing positive energy behind me to the Monterrey lady. I met Nikki around mile 9 and worried about her because it was obvious that she was hurting. I thought she would pull over and get medical attention for her left ankle, but the girl ended up beating me across the finish line.
I caught up with Carol and Luis around mile 10. Shortly afterward, my dad called and I talked to him until I passed mile 11. Pit stop just before mile 12 and reapplication of sunscreen. Nikki caught up with me and we walked up the hill together. I left her behind again because Teresa caught up to us and I was feeling powerful. But I slipped again and was feeling the pain once I saw the finish line in the distance. I was too hot, my feet were yelling at me and, well, I just hurt all over.
I had a mantra for every time I said "Ow." MY POWER IS GREATER THAN THE PAIN!! I was making it. Okay, I wasn't graceful, but I was doing it on my own. Then Coach Colleen shows up and my throat closes down. I was wheezing. Her showing up reminded me of when the coaches walked me in the last half mile of our first 10 mile walk when I had blisters on both of my feet. I felt humiliated. I did NOT need a coach to babysit me in. I gave her my camera to snap pics as I crossed the finish line, and then I was done.
Except that I wasn't. I had to get through the photo line, and I had to get through the food line, and then I had to walk all the way to the end where the TNT tent was so I could check out. I swear I walked another mile before I could properly collapse. Luckily they had food at the TNT area and I did collapse there for about an hour. the wind picked up again and I got cold. Finally I got on the shuttle bus for the hotel. Barb was there and she had saved me a seat, so I collapsed next to her.

A shower, and a nap worked magic. I read some before it was time to get ready for the Victory party. We had a drink at the bar with Jill before heading in to the party. The food was okay, and the drinks weren't bad. I had the Painkiller: ginger infused vodka, Midori, green apple syrup, and sour mix as a martini. I got and performed "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC as karaoke. So now I am the rock star of the team.
When I stepped out to use the restroom and saw that TJ had called so I escaped to the balcony so I could call him back. I disappeared for longer than just a bathroom break, so the Jill and Barb got worried. They caught up with me after the phone call. We adjourned back to the hotel bar and sat by the window watching the fire pit until Barb kept fading. I took her upstairs and tucked her into bed, then stayed up reading until midnight, when I forced myself to go to sleep.

Up and starving at 0730. I nosh on the leftovers from the race. 0830 head downstairs to Starbucks to meet up with Jill. We wanders over to the Gaslamp District and through the Chuck Jones Gallery before breakfast at Mary Jane's. Back to the hotel to pack, check my bags while my teammates get on the shuttle to head home. I wander the Gaslamp District again until Darrel can pick me up after work.
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