May 20th, 2010


Moving Right Along

Two weeks til my half marathon, plus I get a week long vacation afterward. I am going to triumph over that, with no injuries and in the allotted time. (4 hours to walk 13.1 miles) I plan on spending a couple of days down in San Diego, then heading to see GingerBeard for a long weekend. Once I get back from the race my work schedule will probably shift to Tues thru Sat.

I'm done with GP as my primary. I've stopped believing him about my shinyness rating. He has Twinkerbell (newer, shinier model). She has more in common with him than I do. I will still spend what little weekend I have with him because it is a comfortable habit. But since he never seems to make the effort during the week to contact me anymore, I've decided to make my own plans and let him be the fallback.

Not since SugarBear have I had to do so much prodding for feedback. I feel like I have to rush home to catch him online before he he leaves work. And he's been leaving earlier the last few months. Now I am aware that my schedule has been busy the last 6 months because of my training.

I am a little over $500 away from my fund-raising goal! I am now asking all of my friends to give me 5! $5 donated to help me towards my goal (although more is always appreciated). 5 minutes to pass this on to 5 of your friends, asking them to donate $5 to help support finding a cure for blood cancers and providing patient support for those going through treatment and those who have survived into remission.

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