March 29th, 2010


Training update

I'm a little over 2 months away from my race, and slowly working on my fund-raising. This weekend bumped it up a lot with the sales of my gloves as seen below.

I sold 4 pairs to my team mates on Saturday morning, then sold another 4 pair at the Williams Estate on Sunday.

I have been given permission from my Regional Director to dye my hair purple once I meet my fund-raising minimum of $2500. I'm about 20% of the way there currently. My supervisor is actually looking forward to seeing that. She asks me every week when I'm going to dye my hair purple. I told probably happen closer to the race in June.

Let me know if you want a pair of the gloves, and what color. My yarn selection is currently various shades of blues, grays and browns. Red, yellow, pink and green. I actually ran out of black yarn. I can do two different colors as stripes per pair.

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