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Fundraising for Team in Training

Posted on 2010.03.09 at 17:10
Instead of just wishing and making a new year's resolution I decided to take action. I joined Team in Training again to do another half marathon. I expect to be more successful this year. The Silicon Valley walk team is alot larger than the Denver one was, and I don't feel like I'm the last one in all the time. I'm actually proud of myself, my pace has picked up from my last race. I'm now walking a 18.5 minute mile, faster if I'm walking with my new friend Amy.

My goal is to raise $3000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They are searching for a cure for many different types of blood cancers, and also providing patient and family support for those affected by blood cancers. 75 cents of every dollar donated goes straight to research.

I am making fingerless gloves to as a fundraiser. I will have a light purple, a dark purple, a bright green for Team members. I also have red, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, shimmery white, and black. I will also be making gloves that are combo colors to use up all my extra scrap of yarn. Because my team was so supportive and insistent when I waffled about the price, I'm asking for $20 a pair. You can donate right to my website, and then let me know what you color you would like.



Work exploded when my back was turned...

Posted on 2010.01.27 at 17:51
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So this past weekend, I took four days off from work to attend FC. I was on staff for FC, so I definitely needed the time off. But even when I have told all of the buildings I was helping I wasn't going to be available, I still get called and asked if I was available to help. NO! I'm on vacation, let me enjoy it.
I come back to work and my caseload at my two main buildings has doubled. Meaning I walked in and automatically had 5.5 hours at SJK, and at least 3+ at AS, Plus half an hour for lunch, plus travel time between the buildings. Luckily I was able to negoitiate out of some of it, to have 4 hours at SJK, but still 3.25 hours at AS.
Tomorrow looks the same, plus two more patients who are less than 5x/week, with a couple other crimps on my time. I have a dentist appt first thing tomorrow to get the stitches removed from where they extracted a tooth last Thurs. I have a Team in Training meeting @ 630 at the Santa Clara Marriott.

That's right, my boyfriend has been very successful following his diet program, that I want to do something to improve myself. I'm going to start training for another half-marathon. I plan on participating in the San Diego Rock'n'Roll Marathon on June 6th.


My sister keeps proving she's cooler than me...

Posted on 2009.11.26 at 12:33

OMG! That's my big sis on stage with an up and coming musician! That's so cool! Ingrid Michaelson is a good singer too, I like her songs.



Posted on 2009.11.26 at 12:09
The first five to reply get a homemade gift! The gift does have some rules:

*You have no control over what I make for you.
* I will make it with you and you alone in mind.
* It'll be done within a year (So... Nov. 2010)
*No requests, it's completely up to me. Could be anything under the sun, but it will be something! Whether its normal or weird, that's up to me too. Might be tangible or digital. Depends on what I decide is good for you.

But! In order for me to send it, you must repost this!


Ain't too proud to beg

Posted on 2009.11.09 at 18:26
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Okay, so I recently (as in this past week) agreed to be Art Track Lead for Further Confusion 2010. I now have a list of panel ideas, but no one to really host them. I am asking for folks who are willing, or who have recommendations.

Current panel ideas:
Life drawing 1: objects
Life drawing 2: figures
Colored marker and pencil
Using gold and minerals
Sketch exercise: improv comedy meets pictionary
The erotic line
Digital zone: illustrator
Digital zone: photoshop
Digital zone: 3D programs
Digital zone: storyboard and animatics
Gold rush era in architecture and landscapes - for this one we need someone to help us get the AV material. (the gold rush is from 1825-1850)


Grr, rar.

Posted on 2009.09.15 at 20:05
Current Mood: restlessrestless
I'm feeling fussy tonight, and I'm not exactly sure why, besides the fact that I'm bored.
Work was fine. Okay, I might not have gotten enough sleep last night, but that doesn't normally put me in a mood like this.
I watched some episodes from Connections 2, but it felt like information I already knew.
I can't talk to either of my boys. I snapped at GingerBeard because he reminded me of something I kinda knew, but hate facing. And when GoldenPuppy called earlier, but he seemed distracted. I didn't feel like I got a definite answer about plans we've been talking about off and on for the last month.
Retail therapy didn't actually help. Most of the stuff I could do without. I got something close, but not quite what I offered to get a patient. I suppose I could go for a longer walk than just running across to the store.


I didn't die, I swear!

Posted on 2009.06.25 at 22:24
I just realized it's been six months since I wrote anything.
I went home for Christmas, which was awesome and relaxing. I love my Flutter kitten for that treat.

I went to FC in January. It was mostly mellow. I drooled over a sexy beast hardcore enough for my friends to give me a towel to wipe up the drool. I swear I creamed my pants every time he gave me a hug. But no, as much as I wanted to, I didn't bag him. I did, however, pick up two new pets, both from SoCal. I had minor drama the last day of the con because it was snowing bad enough in Denver that my flight got delayed. I worried about where I was going to stay...silly me, that's what boys are for. Well, them, plus my family.

My computer explodes in early February, and the boys (Mickey and Levi) were sweet enough to get me a new one. I felt loved.

I decided I was not happy in Colorado anymore, and started making preparations to move back home. I phoned my old job, left a message saying that I planned on moving back late April/early May. I got a call the next day asking me if I could come back any earlier. I consulted my calendar and set April 20th as the date of my return. (Interesting coincidence: 4/20/2007 was the last day at that job before I headed off to Colorado for the wedding.)

When I told Adrienne, my boss, that I was planning on leaving for California she made the prediction that I would meet a guy, fall madly for him and want to stay in Denver. Weird thing, she was almost right. Levi and I had gone to the Church on a Friday night, and ended up chatting with this chick, Kayla, on the smoking deck. Levi and the girl chatted back and forth on IM that week and the following Friday we went and hung out with her and her roomie ALL WEEKEND. We switched partners. Levi got Kayla and I got her roomie. And I quickly got comfortable with him. Didn't fall madly in love with him, because I knew I was moving back home in a month. All the preparations had been made. But I did become quite fond of him, and wished that I had met him six months earlier because then I might have stayed in Denver a while longer.

The drive cross country was uneventful, but long. (Of course.) As we were making the final preparations to leave I get a phone call from Lauralyn, my CA BossLady, asking me if I can start any earlier than the 20th. Yeah, not a problem, let me get everything moved in and I can start Thursday.

But I had a small problem. While I was in Colorado my drivers license had expired and was now suspended, due to an old ticket that I had gotten shortly before a move. I had put the ticket someplace safe and had forgotten about it. Court fees built up over three years. So I worked on getting that fixed and getting my license back. (Which I officially received this week.) I was lucky that I had my own personal chauffeur, Levi. Which also forced him into being social and meeting my friends, who he got on with fairly well.

Things weren't bright and sunny at work, though. Kaiser was boycotting my building, so I was working mostly 3/4 days with one really bad week of half days. And because I was being good and not driving, I took BART to work. So I couldn't bounce to other buildings to get more hours.

I wasn't able to be as social as I wanted because I wasn't working enough hours. I could afford to go to karaoke every other week. I would go to church every three to four weeks, and also arrange to see friends afterwards.

Levi went back to Colorado in the middle of June. He wasn't able to find a job, and he was missing Kayla something fierce. I couldn't blame him, but his time out here served it's purpose. It showed him and his family that they didn't need to depend on him and drag him down. And he got it pounded into his head how important an education really is.


Strange isn't it?

Posted on 2008.12.17 at 17:44
Here in Colorado, I have 4 main guys in my life.

My roommate: black dragon, complete asshole, but also is a good house husband. This boy can cook!
My pet: golden fuzzy dragon, musically oriented, slightly nuts. Comes down on his weekends to regain his sanity.
My Dom: black wolf, hurts me so good. The downside is I only get to see him once a month.
My ???: I have no idea how to classify this guy. We flirt a lot and he likes me, but has way too much drama.

I am only having sex with one of these guys. each of the others have reasons for me to keep my hands off. And I'm semi-satisfied with this. This is me who had a harem of boys back home in California.

Whatever, I'll ponder it later.

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Sentimental fool

Posted on 2008.11.16 at 19:01
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
I save old letters and cards. I reread some letters that Moth had written me after he joined the Air Force. I had forgotten how much joy he had brought to my life and what an optimist I used to be. Our year together before he joined the Air Force is the one time I know I was in love and was loved back. Everything else has been one sided, either I'm crushing after a guy, or the idiot is obsessed with me.

Now, even though I'm only just beginning my third decade, I feel like a bitter hag. I keep choosing the wrong guys out here. Mostly because they are immature. I have a much lower tolerance for stupidity in general. And with what's been happening over the last few days, I even feel like I'm losing touch with my friends out here.

Work has even been burning me out. We have over 30 patients on case load. Over a month ago the rehab director went AWOL, so Adrienne stepped up to the plate and is now supervisor. I don't feel like Madelain, the other PT is putting forth the same amount that I am. And I am busting my hump trying to see anywhere between 10 to 16 patients a day, depending on if we get a contract therapist in as a third set of hands.

I'm tired, lonesome, and feeling put upon in general. I need a vacation.


I survived!

Posted on 2008.10.19 at 16:16
Current Mood: crankycranky

I made it. I did the Denver Half Marathon this morning. My time coming in was 4 hours 15 minutes. I'm foot sore and tired, but I did what I set out to accomplish.


And I'm enough of a masochist I have my next half marathon planned for next year. I am going to do the Rock and Roll San Jose half marathon October 4th 2009.

Okay, I hurt and am tired. I'm going back to bed.


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