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Ramp up to the Race Fri night and Saturday

Posted on 2010.06.27 at 16:40
Current Mood: excitedexcited
6/4: I drop by mom's round 10pm and head straight up to bed. I tell TJ and Sean good night, then proceed to toss and turn because it's warm in Kelly's room. I just manage to fall asleep when Sean booty-texts me. I snap at him.

6/5 0400: Nothing jerks you from sleep faster than your phone dying. I had my phone playing mp3s to help me sleep because music is my version of a nitelite. I heard the beeps then silence. I had NO IDEA where the outlets are in Kelly's room to charge my phone, so I creep downstairs and spend the last 1.5 hours sleeping on the couch in the front room so my phone could charge.
0530:My first alarm goes off, and I hit snooze. "Here we go" by Ozomatli comes on. When my alaram goes off the second time, I'm ready to be awake. I get up and try to be a little noisy getting ready. Mom's still slow getting up, so I scratch on her door. We are in the car when my second alarm goes off.
0615: I'm wending my way through the Southwest line when I hear "Chippers!" It's Kendall, one of the boys from karaoke. He has an early flight but he's heading home to Missouri. Then Crystal, one of the TNT mentors, shows up just after I finish checking in. I wait for her, so we can go through the security line together.
07ish: Teammates slowly begin filtering to the boarding area. I read a little but mainly chat with teammates: Carol, Luis, Debbie, Crystal, Jill and one of the East Bay mentors (I think)
0830: Our flight boards. I get a window seat with Beckie and Jill, sitting middle and aisle seats. Beckie pulls out the seat back magazine, but mainly we just chatter back and forth during the 1.5 hour flight. I like Jill, she's kinda rowdy. She reminds me of my PT out in CO, Adrienne.
1030: We shuttle to the hotel and check in. Barbara is my roomie, she is a nice mellow lady.
11ish: Go to the race expo, get all sorts of swag. I buy socks and a shotglass for my new race oriented collection.
1200: Darrel Exline comes to pick me up. We pick up lunch from MXN, a Baja Mexican fast food joint. It's not bad. We drive to Dog Beach, but we spend more time looking for parking thsn we do at our aimed for destination. We swing by Darrel's house in Lemon Grove because I have to vacuum the sand out of my race shoes.
1530: back to the hotel for a quick shower before the Inspiration Dinner.
1630: The food at the Inspiration Dinner was ok, but not impressive. I got to say hi to a couple of teammates from the Rocky Mountain chapter that I remembered from 2008.
1900: To Odysea, the hotel bar, for a glass of wine at Jill's insistence "Nothing new before race day!" I took some silly pictures with my little monkey.
2000: Barbara and I are in bed at an oddly early hour, because we have to get up at an OMG ungodly early hour.

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